Your brand is the gateway to more sales, more clients, and more, deeper connections.

What is branding and why shouldn't I DIY?

Branding can be really overwhelming to most entrepreneurs.  The questions I often hear are:

+ Isn't a logo enough?

+ Can I DIY and put a few things together and call it good?

+ What does a brand design even do for my business?

These are such common questions!! There are so many aspects of branding from the brand identity to the design itself, that it is easy to want to just design something quickly on Canva and move on to the next project. But good brand design is worth the time, effort and investment. It may seem scary trusting your business's 


design and identity in the hands of someone else, but have you also tried to design something and deleted it four times because #overthinking? Trust me sister, I even do that with my own brand! But branding is worth the investment, time and care because it is so much more different than the business or the product. It's your business's story, it's why people should care about the product and share it on social media with all their friends! And it is so worth it to choose a designer you love, because that is what we do, we get to know the ins and outs of your business and what makes it special so we can help you share that with the world.  Good brand design brings in the sales and connections a quick DIY not always can! It is cultivated with purpose and intentional design, truly made with love and can take your biz to the next level, you have been wanting. 

Do you ever feel like?

+ You have a message to share with your audience but you can't always find the words?

+ You want your audience to feel a certain way when they visit your website or social media but the colors you use are inconsistent and don't quite fit the vibe you are going for?

+ You have spent countless hours creating story covers for Instagram or a welcome guide but never use it or even delete because it just isn't what you want?

+ Or you spend hours creating something and even spend so much money on fonts or templates, just to recreate it the next week because it still isn't what you are envisioning? 

+ You know why you love your business and why you created it but struggle to put it into words or share it with your audience for them to connect with?

+ You are looking for a way to authentically connect with more people on Instagram or within your business and want to attract more of your ideal clients?

+ You see other people sharing on social media the businesses they love and showing off their products, and you just wish people would do that for your business too?

+ You would rather spend the time on your business than creating and recreating your logo, and have someone else help you with all the bells and whistles?

+ You are ready to show off your brand with a look you love that truly showcases who you are, what you do and what makes your brand special?

+ You want your audience to have an experience when they work with you or shop your products, that build a connection and have them coming back as a client or customer again and again?

Welcome babes, to a branding experience like no other. We are going to work together to get to know your business and who your ideal client even is, and then create a brand identity that is the perfect mix of your business and your dream audience. I will be there for you the whole way, and involve you in this interactive experience so you get to be a part of this beautiful process. You will watch your dream brand design come together, and have me as a business BFF for one-on one calls to ask any question you have along the way. Why search for different designers with different styles, when you can work with one coach who not only creates your dream brand but works with you individually to really define your market, brand positioning and voice, create a strategy to launch your business, be successful from the very beginning, and truly care. Taking your business to the next level with more sales and deeper connections and an engaged audience starts right here!


Are you ready to feel like THIS?

+ You have the clarity on your brand and are so proud to show it off and share it with the world!

+ Your clients or customers don't just love your brand and products/ services but they CONNECT to your mission, love watching your stories, are so engaged and share your biz on their social media and with all of their friends!

+ People see your logo, social media, or tissue paper for your products and instantly know it's from your business!

+ You have a professionally designed brand that makes you stand out of the crowd and stand out from others in your industry!

+ You know the ins and outs of your brand and how to have successful marketing strategies, and if you  have a question- you have someone to ask without feeling overwhelmed!

+ Your social media looks gorgeous, you have business cards you love to handout, you have sticker designs and marketing collateral for your business and everything looks so beautiful together!

+ You are crossing off your goals! With your design projects done, you can focus on growing your business in so many other beautiful and fun ways! No more saying, "I should really get my logo, my business card, etc. done", it is done and you are so unbelievably happy with it!


Take a moment and feel into your intuition. Visualize yourself in 3 months, looking at your Instagram or even your product in your hands, doing what you love and so proud of what you have created. You have a bank account that feels good, sales are flowing in and your client schedule is full. You are achieving your business and lifestyle goals and are truly living your dream life. How does this feel? How does it feel to show up as the woman you have always wanted to be? To feel empowered and aligned in the business you have always wanted to create, AND feel confident doing it. How does it feel to choose this service because you are ready to take the next step that you are meant to take? This is your ticket beauty, to take your business to the next level, and have the design you have always wanted, and creating a career path you love.



Brand Design Suite


The Sarah Collective believes in not just providing a logo you love, but crafting the full package to fit every situation and providing the essentials you need to get off the ground and take your business to the level of your dream. This service is fully customized with you and your business in mind and comes with everything you could need to stand out from the crowd and truly shine. With the brand design, we will build the foundation of your messaging, values, people you want to work with, and so much more. Additionally, we will work together 1-on-1 so you can ask all of your burning brand questions and feel supported through this brand design, and create a design you love and can't wait to share!


How we are going to design your dream brand-

+ Map out your brand voice, brand positing and target audience (whom do you want your brand to connect with)

+ Visualize your brand and turn it into a mood board to showcase your vibe!

+ Map out your brand and create a 26-page brand guide

+ Train on all things branding so you will become a pro at owning your brand

+ Create a logo you love and will want to put EVERYWHERE

+ Design business cards and marketing collateral you will be excited to share!

+ Create social media templates for you to use throughout your social media

+ Have a launch party! Use a social media strategy to attract an audience and bring in sales right away

What You are Getting

Complete branding suite including a custom color palette and logo, a selection of photos for your website, a mood board and 26-page brand guide


1-on-1 brand coaching calls to uplevel your business and have a successful launch!


Brand design launch party with the support of a planned strategy and the support of your coach!


Custom designed and intentional workbooks to help you connect to your dream clients!


Did you know that a custom brand design can cost anywhere between $2,500-$5000?? With our brand design suite, you will get everything you could need for a beautiful brand, designed by an EXPERT designer, AND full support throughout the whole process! 



$950- Pay in full


Our payment plan option of:

 Two payments of  $550 (Total $1100)


+Logo Design Set (Primary Logo, Secondary Logo and Submark)

+Business Card Design

+Custom Color Palette

+Typography Styling

+All file formats for all designs including PDF, PNG, JPG, and Vector

+26 Page Brand Guide

+Social Media Starter Kit

+2 1-on-1 Brand Coach Calls

PLUS pay in full and get:

+BONUS 1 additional 1-on-1 coaching call

++BONUS custom design Instagram stickers

This is it, babe. This is your chance to have your dream brand design in less than three weeks, and take your business to the next level. Every single client I have worked with has seen the return on their investment almost instantly, their client's connected with their brand so much more, and their businesses grew. If you are ready for a professional yet gorgeous brand and to grow your business in new and unimaginable ways, this was made for you. What are you waiting for? Let's do this thing.


Still unsure? See what others like you thought!


Sarah designs with so much detail. She knew the questions to ask and came up with beautiful design I could have never thought of. She just got our business and I am so happy with the final design!! -Tiffani's Story


She challenged me to get outside of my comfort zone in the best ways possible by moving through my fears and just going for it. I work with more clients and am so proud of my brand, and it all happened just like that! -Kelly's Story


I couldn't believe how much value I got from her brand suite. Sarah customized every aspect of my brand and made me feel heard, seen and loved. She worked magic!!! -Christine's Story

Let's launch the brand of your dreams!


Q: What kind of businesses is this program designed for?

A: We work with all businesses that sell services or products and have a message they want to share with the world. We also work with bloggers who are starting or are wanting to expand/ rebrand their platform.

Q: I am worried about the investment, do you offer payment plans? 

A: Absolutely! It is totally normal to be nervous about the investment, but once you invest in yourself and your business, the investment will pay off! We currently offer a payment plan of 2 payments at $550 each but talk to us if you need more options!

Q: When does the program start?

A: We kick off this launch party one week after your payment is made and contract is signed! But if you have a specific start date in mind, we can schedule you on the Sarah Collective books with your ideal start date with the first payment and signed contract!

Q: When are the calls held? 

A: You and I will decide a time that works best for you and we can reschedule if needed. But usually, the calls will be held on Mondays or Fridays each week (or every other week depending on if you paid in full or are doing the extended payment plan program)!

Q: What if I don't know what I want my brand to look like?

A: Don't worry love, that is why I am here. I will work with you to help you discover exactly what your brand should look and feel like, but also what your ideal clients and consumers would like to see. It truly is a magical combination of the two!

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