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My name is Sarah, and I am the founder of The Sarah Collective and the brand and web designer of Launch Your Business in 30 Days! Before The Sarah Collective, I was a lifestyle blogger while finishing school for branding and marketing and I would travel to different conferences like Create and Cultivate for my blog. When I was at these conferences, I would meet AMAZING women with messages and business ideas on their hearts. But more than 80% of them, never actually launched their business. They had a great idea, a group of women behind them cheering them on, and even the financial resources to make it happen. They never launched because they were 



so overwhelmed with the idea of building a website. What is a hosting site? What should we use, Wix, Wordpress or Squarespace? How do I design a logo? I have already hired 3 different people for 3 different things, why is this so much work? I totally understood their frustration. That is why I created The Sarah Collective and my Signature Program. Let me work in my zone of genius, so you can work in yours and focus on only doing what you love and can launch a beautiful business with ease. 


Do you ever feel like?

+ You have on your heart to start a business and there are so many signs pointing you to launching your own business?

+ You feel drained after working your 9-5

+ You spend your day at your day job thinking about what your day would look like and what you would be doing if you worked for yourself?

+ You lack the clarity you desire on what your dream business would even look like or where you would start

+ You feel overwhelmed from the idea of building a website, and confused by all the different platforms (Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace, etc.) 

+ You constantly say, I will do xyz (launch your Instagram, brainstorm a business name, build the website, research my target audience, etc.) next week

+ You see other people living the life of your dreams or launching their own business and you so long to be doing the same thing

+You believe you don't have the time or money to launch your dream business

+ You have past traumas that make you believe you can't succeed in launching your own business and working for yourself

+ You want a group of women or even just one, whom you encourage and empower you and you can start this beautiful journey with them, and not feel alone in this scary but beautiful adventure of launching the business of your dreams

Welcome babes, to the opportunity of a lifetime, to launch your business with full support and guidance, while launching your brand and website all at the same time. Why search for different designers with different styles, when you can work with one coach who not only creates your dream brand but works with you individually to really define your market, brand positioning and voice, create a strategy to launch your business and be successful from the very beginning. Are you ready to fully invest in your business and make the first step towards your dream career and life? It all starts right here!


Are you ready to feel like THIS?

+ You have the clarity on every aspect of your business and feel confident that you are taking the right steps 

+ You don't have to tell people "It's coming soon", your services, business, brand, and website are ready to be SEEN

+ You feel confident and proud of your brand and website and are not afraid to put it out there and show it to the world

+ You have a professionally designed brand and website but also a strong structure with things like a perfectly curated and designed services page and sales page!

+ You don't feel alone, you have a coach supporting you, who is there to answer any question and is there to cheer you on!

+  You are crossing off your goals! You set your mind to committing and launching your business, and in less than a month you are achieving business-related goals and setting new ones, that are bigger than you could have ever imagined- and not only that,  you have the steps and guidance to achieve them!


Take a moment and feel into your intuition. Visualize yourself in 3 months, sitting at your dream desk in a beautiful office you created, doing what you love. You have a bank account that feels good, and money is flowing in. You feel aligned with your purpose every time you work with a client or step into your new CEO girl boss role. You are achieving your business and lifestyle goals and are truly living your dream life. How does this feel? How does it feel to show up as the woman you have always wanted to be? To feel empowered and aligned in the business you have always wanted to create, AND feel confident doing it. How does it feel to choose this program because you are ready to take the next step that you are meant to take? This is your ticket beauty, to become a business owner, and creating a career you love.



Launch your Business in 30 Days! 


In this program, we are going to work to create your business from the ground up. We will start by truly getting to know you to turn that into a brand. We will build the foundation of your messaging, values, people you want to work with, and so much more. We will create your visual brand and website, and train you on how to successfully use both. You will be a website pro in no time. We will introduce implementing your brand into your social media, and how to run an ad and marketing campaign. Additionally, we will work together 1-on-1 so you can ask all of your burning brand questions and feel supported through this biz launch!


How we are Going to Launch Your Business

+ Map out your brand voice, brand positing and target audience (whom do you want your brand to connect with)

+ Visualize your brand and turn it into a mood board

+ Map out your brand and create a 26-page brand guide

+ Train on all things branding so you will become a pro at owning your brand

+ Create and build your website

+ Fine tune your services and sales page with copy (the text!) that sells

+ Train on your website so you can be successful using it to blog or make updates after your launch

+ Create social media templates for you to use throughout your social media

+ Have a launch party! Use a social media strategy to attract an audience and bring in sales right away

What You are Getting

Complete branding suite including a custom color palette and logo, a selection of photos for your website, a mood board and 26-page brand guide


1-on-1 brand coaching calls to uplevel your business and have a successful launch!


Launch party with the support of a planned strategy and the support of your coach!










Complete custom website and training!


Did you know that a custom website alone costs on average $5000-$10,000?? With the Launch your Business in 30 Days program, you are getting a website, logo, full brand design and so much more for 1/4 of the cost! AND a coach that's there to support you along the way.



This program is typically $3000, but to help businesses during this time- we are offering it 50% for a short time only.


Pay in Full

$500 x 3

Payment Plan


+Full Branding

+26 Page Brand Guide

+Social Media Starter Kit

+Full Custom Website

+A Facebook Community

+2 1-on-1 Brand Coach Calls

+BONUS 1 additional 1-on-1 coaching call

++BONUS custom design Instagram stickers

(Total of $1500, in payments of $500 every week for 3 weeks)


+Full Branding

+26 Page Brand Guide

+Social Media Starter Kit

+Full Custom Website

+A Facebook Community

+2 1-on-1 Brand Coach Calls

This is it, babe. This Launch Your Business in 30 Days Signature Program is the golden ticket to investing in your dream and taking a big leap of faith needed to turn your dream into a vision, with a step by step task list to get there. Your launched and successful business is right in front of you babe, in fact, it's only 30 days away. You can quit your day job, work with your ideal clients, and bring in an income working for yourself in only 30 days. What are you waiting for?


Still unsure? See what others like you thought!


I was ready to launch my business and finally be the entrepreneur I always wanted to be, but I didn't know how. I didn't know what exactly I wanted my services to be or how much to charge, and Sarah walked me through the entire process and helped me find so much clarity. I love the business we launched, she knew exactly what my vision was and she brought it to life. I couldn't be happier. -Haley's Story


I went from not having a business to being a licensed business owner making a full-time income in 30 DAYS. She challenged me to get outside of my comfort zone in the best ways possible by moving through my fears and just launching. Now I quit my 9-5 and have my dream job working for myself just like that. -Kelly's Story


I couldn't believe how much value I got from the program. Sarah customized every aspect of my brand and website and made me feel heard, seen and loved. My website and brand is the perfect example of myself, my client's and my business! She worked magic!!! -Christine's Story

I believe in you beautiful. It's time to make a step towards your dream. Start today. Let's launch your business in 30 days.


Q: What kind of businesses is this program designed for?

A: We work with all businesses that sell services or products and have a message they want to share with the world. We also work with bloggers who are starting or are wanting to expand/ rebrand their platform.

Q: I am worried about the investment, do you offer payment plans? 

A: Absolutely! It is totally normal to be nervous about the investment, but once you invest in yourself and your business, the investment will pay off! We currently offer a payment plan of 3 payments at $500 each but talk to us if you need more options!

Q: When does the program start?

A: We kick off this launch party one week after your deposit is made! We want to get started as soon as possible so that you can launch as soon as possible!

Q: When are the calls held? 

A: You and I will decide a time that works best for you and we can reschedule if needed. But usually, the calls will be held on Mondays or Fridays each week (or every other week depending on if you paid in full or are doing the extended payment plan program)!

Q: What if I don't know what I want my brand to look like?

A: Don't worry love, that is why I am here. I will work with you to help you discover exactly what your brand should look and feel like, but also what your ideal clients and consumers would like to see. It truly is a magical combination of the two!

Questions before you book a consultation call? Please feel welcome to reach out at Hello@TheSarahCollective.com

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