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Hey entrepreneurs, creators, small business owners, and bloggers!

Do you feel like you can’t quite call yourself that? Maybe you launched your business but ask yourself if you can even count yourself as an entrepreneur if you don’t have clients yet?

Let me tell you, you absolutely can, because entrepreneurship starts in the heart.

Entrepreneurship is the bigger purpose you have for your life, the message you have to share, and your drive to share it with the world while making an income doing what you love. Just by making the decision to start a business and make the steps to follow your soul calling- you are an entrepreneur.

But how do you take that leap from startup entrepreneur to an absolute pro?

Sign up for the free mini course and book 10 dream clients this month!
Sign up for the free mini course and book 10 dream clients this month!

My name is Sarah and I launched my business JUST a few months ago and I am already working with my dream clients. In fact, I booked 10 ideal clients IN MY FIRST MONTH. But I also know exactly where you are and how you feel, because before I launched, that’s how I felt too. I was constantly worried about what I would do if I launched my business and didn’t book any clients. But with that mindset, I played small, I stayed in the safe zone and just by thinking not booking clients was an option, I held myself back.


So I decided to create a road map, a step by step guide for the woman that is feeling how I felt just a few months ago. I want to help you go from similar fears to success from day one. I want to share exactly how I worked through my fears, the tangible steps I took to launch my business, and how to connect with your dream clients in your first month. I am even going to share a workbook for you to go through after this FREE MINI COURSE so that you can turn your launch into a launch party and have your goal amount of clients in your first month too!

This course is for the entrepreneur who-

+ launched her business but DIY-ed a lot of it and wants stronger messaging to connect to her ideal clients

+ Is about to launch but wants guidance and support to feel like she is doing it the right way

+ Has it on her 5 month goal list to be able to quit her day job (Hint- you don’t need to wait until month five, you can do it now)

+Wants to know how even to launch (it’s supposed to be a launch party! Let’s make it fun!)



I am here to support YOU and help your launch be as successful as possible because I know exactly where you are and how you feel. SO, to make this launch party even more fun, I am doing a giveaway!

I am giving away a FREE website and branding audit with a 1-hour call to go over small changes to uplevel your website and brand to attract your dream clients and answer any brand strategy calls you might have! You can also use this hour call to create a launch strategy  (!!!). This audit and coaching call has a value of $300.



When- October 2nd at 5pm PST

Where- Sign up to join the mini course 

What- Book 10 clients in your first month of launching your business!

Are you ready to book your dream clients in your FIRST month? Are you ready to say with so much pride and love that you ARE an entrepreneur, blogger, business owner, etc.? This mini-course was made for you. I cannot wait to meet you all! Let’s launch the business of your dreams and book your ideal clients.

Sign up for the free mini course and book 10 dream clients this month!