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About The Sarah Collective

TSC is a design studio that is filled with love and passion for creating beautiful, stand-out designs for your business.


The team at TSC puts their heart into designs for your business but why? Because we know how it feels having something you are so passionate about and wanting to share it with the world.


We want to make it easy for you to share your message, service and product with the world. No confusion, no buying templates you don’t use, no redoing your DIY a million times because it just isn’t what you imagined.


We want to understand your vision, and help you bring it to life.


To us, you are more than a business or a client. You are a friend. A friend that we want to see succeed, we want to see on our Instagram with 1 million followers, and say “that’s our girl!”. Because when you love your design and when you succeed, we feel like we succeed too.


We don’t want to just design something you love, we want to design the brand and website of your DREAMS that brings other individuals in your industry into your dms asking how you did it.


We love to design things, but more importantly, we design things because we love to see women owned businesses launch and succeed. We love to see brides fill up with tears when they get their invitation suite and it finally feels real. We love to see the relief on a boss babe’s face when she finally loves the look of her Instagram. That is why we design things, and why we love doing it.


Launching a business can already seem so overwhelming, and designing a website can seem complex. So we want to take the overwhelm out of it, we want to make it easy, affordable and achievable to have a design, regardless of what it is, that you love.

Meet Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah Giomi and I am the founder and designer behind TSC!


The vision for TSC actually started in 2014 when I had launched my blog Glamorously Gluten Free. I was a girl in college with a gluten allergy and wanted a way to share my message- that if I could be gluten free and make it glamorous, any one could too.

I loved blogging because I love writing. But my favorite part of my blog was designing it. I loved the process of bringing it to life. I loved it so much, that soon my college friends and other creatives in my network would ask me to help them too.

Through blogging, I also attended Create and Cultivate’s conferences. Which if you haven’t been and you are an entrepreneur, I highly recommend!! At these conference, I continued to meet more amazing and driven women, who had an idea for a business. I would check in on my new friends from time to time, and their businesses never came into fruition, almost always because they got stuck when it came to creating a website.

Now these were businesses female entrepreneurs needed and would love to rally behind, so I wanted to make a way to combine what I loved doing, and also help entrepreneurs share their messages and ideas that the world so desperately needs.

But also, being an entrepreneur myself, I understood the need for getting things launched quickly, so we can start sharing our products, but also make it affordable. How many business owners can afford $10K+ on a website their first week of business? Not many, nor should they. They should be spending their time and money on actually creating their business and products.

So I created a studio that can help other entrepreneurs launch the business of their dreams, with a website and brand of their dreams and make it as easy and affordable as possible.

As TSC grew, I also started helping business owners who launched but wanted a fresh new look, and even brides who wanted a wedding suite that tied their vision together, and made their big day even more special.

Regardless of what it is, I love designing, I love helping bring visions to life, and I love meeting women like you. What do you say, let’s talk about your dreams!

The Details

We are a virtual studio here to serve YOU!


Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m to 4 p.m.

Weekends are saved for designing and creating the work our client’s love!

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Frequently Asked Q's

Q: Who else is a part of TSC team?

A: Sarah Giomi is currently the only designer on the TSC team, however, we do offer add-on services with other creatives we stand behind, and love. If you need copy writing or product photography, add it on to your package and we can take care of that for you, with people we hand selected for our vendor list and work we and you will love!

Q: Can I book a package for a later month?

A: YES! We book ahead year round! We only have a set amount of projects available each month, so booking ahead and grabbing your spot is a great way to get on The Sarah Collective books.

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